Smart Bra Solutions For Backless Dresses

Smart Bra Solutions For Backless Dresses

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To bra or not to bra it? That is the question every woman wanting to sport a sexy dress to the party may find herself asking. While there’s nothing wrong with showing off a little bra with a backless dress many people consider it as unfashionable. Going braless also has its own downsides as you don’t to attract unwanted attention with drooping breasts or nipples sticking out.

In this article we will discuss about the smart bra solutions for backless dresses.

Strapless Bras: Smart Bra Solutions For Backless Dresses

To start with, you need to first determine how low is the back of your backless dress. Is it something that goes lower than where a regular bra ends? Then it’s a low back dress. Do you plan to wear a dress that goes down to the butt crack? If your answer is yes then that’s a completely backless dress.

Let’s take a look at some of the bra solutions we have for both the above cases. But, before we go head let’s tell you what you should completely abstain from. When looking for bra solutions for backless dresses, you will come across the ‘breast lift tape’ which uses adhesive on the breasts to lift them.

They may sound tempting and nice, but do a favor and stay away from them. They are completely a waste of time and money. This thing works only in theory so we don’t advise you to use them.

Another thing to avoid is the strapless bra with adhesive on the sides. If you have large breasts then this is a complete no-no for you. Most of the bras fail to provide the kind of support they claim. The adhesive used in the sides are weak and they get weaker when you sweat.

Low Back Bra Support for regular bras

This is a type of bra extension which can be attached to any kind of bra that you already have. The low back bra convertible provides the extra support you need to lower the backside of the bra enough to sport a backless top or dress. However this method won’t work if your dress has a very low back so it has limited use.


  • You get to enjoy the benefits of a regular bra
  • This is an inexpensive option


  • Pulls your breasts downwards
  • Not suitable for very low back cuts

Low Back Strapless Bra or Bustiers

If you are looking for specially made bra meant to be worn with a backless dress then you will need a low back strapless bra in a longline or bustier style. We recommend this style over anything else because it works well for women with large breasts and also for women with small breasts.

As these bras are meant for wearing with strapless dresses, they are capable of providing enhanced support. They also flatter your body shape much better. They are slightly expensive but they last really long. They can also be worn with any strapless dress.


  • It provides maximum support
  • Works well with low back and very low back dresses
  • Great quality and lasts really long
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for women with large breasts


  • They are expensive
  • Not meant for completely backless dresses

Backless Adhesive Bra

The most popular type of backless adhesive bra is the NuBra, which is often referred to as the sticky boobs. They are called so because each cup has a thin sticky layer inside. You just need to stick it on your breast and snaps the two cups together. It gives you a nice cleavage and creates an illusion of wearing a push up bra. However, please be warned that it provides little to no support.

This might not be the best option for women with large breasts. For best results, ensure that your breasts are properly cleaned and they are not moisturized.


  • Works with all types of backless dresses
  • Goes well with strapless dresses too
  • You get a nice cleavage to flaunt
  • Covers the nipples and keeps everything in place


  • Little to no support
  • Not suitable for large breasts


When choosing a bra to go with your backless dress, give due importance to functionality and comfort. The bra should be able to hold your breasts snugly and most importantly make you feel comfortable. Unless you are comfortable with what you wear beneath your dress it is difficult for you look stylish and confident.

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