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The Best Strapless Bra

When it comes to creating the perfect silhouette, it might surprise you to learn that the most important factor hinges less upon the clothes you see and more upon the kind of foundation garments you’re wearing. The right foundational options will help create the best shape possible and enhance your nature frame. This is especially vital when it comes to outfits where wearing normal undergarments simply isn’t an option. Shirts or dresses that are strapless and thus prohibit the use of a regular bra, for example, require careful planning along with an investment into the absolute best strapless bra option possible.

With all of that said, the strapless bra market is an incredibly big one and it can be difficult to know what you should look for. Luckily, there are a few guidelines and tips to keep in mind when shopping for your foundation garments that should make the whole process much easier.

Be Careful of Band Size

You might have heard that strapless bras should be purchased one band-size down from the band you currently wear. This is ostensibly to help provide more support to the bra and enable it to better stay in place. While this piece of advice is actually one that is true, it’s important to understand why it’s accurate. Many individuals are wearing bras that are at least one band-size too big. Because bands give bras their support, wearing the right band is critical. That means that if you’ve never been professionally fitted, chances are good that you might be wearing a band size that is too large. This is why the advice to size down when it comes to strapless bras exists. If you have been professionally fitted, then use the band size to which you were matched when buying one.

Be Aware of Band Type

In addition to the size of the band, the type of band in your strapless bra is also important. If you do not have a skin allergy to silicone, for example, then you might consider investing in a strapless bra with a silicone band. This helps the bra stick to your skin and remain firmly in place. If you do have as kin allergy to silicone, then consider opting for a “long line” band instead. This is a type of extended band that gives the bra added support.

Invest in the Best

Strapless bras can be expensive, and because they aren’t something that we tend to wear every day, it can be tempting to opt for as cheap an option as possible. Unfortunately, you really get what you pay for when it comes to this type of undergarment. Note that this is especially true when it comes to larger bust sizes. You need the support that a well-constructed strapless bra can provide, which means that shopping for a bra that is especially cheap will often leave you with subpar performance. Remember that even if you aren’t planning on wearing this bra often, it’s an investment that will last and help you enhance your silhouette whenever you do need it.

Opt for a Full Band

There are certain kinds of strapless bras that are both backless and strapless. They are designed for outfits where you really cannot have any part of your bra showing at all, such as when you’re wearing a backless gown or shirt. This kind of bra can look nice if it suits your build but note that it is particularly unsupportive for individuals with larger bust sizes. If you are a D-cup or larger, you should probably look elsewhere and opt for a bra that sports a full band in order to receive the support you need. If you do decide to go for a backless and strapless bra, make sure that you try several on before making a decision. Whenever possible, opt for a model that offers adhesive wings.

Keep Your Outfit in Mind

If you are shopping for a strapless bra for a specific event, make sure that you keep that outfit in mind when shopping. Not every strapless bra is created the same, and some will have higher necklines and band lines than others. This could make shopping for your specific garment a bit tricky, especially if you’re looking for a strapless bra that doesn’t show at all from underneath your clothes. You might even consider opting for a professional fitting and bringing your outfit with you to ensure that you receive the best strapless bra fit and model to suit your needs.

Additionally, make sure that you’re picking the best cup type for your outfit. Some garments will pick up the transition between bra and skin startlingly clearly, which can leave you with stark lines underneath your clothing. To help avoid this, consider investing in an unlined cup rather than a molded cup. Unlined cups will lie much closer to your skin and help everything flow smoothly from bra to chest while molded cups are more likely to stand out from your skin and emphasize those lines.

Keep Your Skin Clean

As an added tip that you should keep in mind regardless of the brand of bra you end up buying, make sure to keep your skin clean! Many people are tempted to use baby powder or deodorant around the band line of their strapless bras. This is thought to help keep the bra in place while increasing the comfort of the wearer. In reality, these products reduce the friction between your skin and the bra, which lowers its ability to adequately adhere to your skin and stay in place through your event.

The best strapless bra is the one that you feel most comfortable in! With that in mind, don’t wait until the last minute. Get started on finding the best bra for your needs sooner rather than later and take your time with the evaluation process. The last thing you want is to end up feeling uncomfortable, so keep our tips in mind and find the very best strapless bra for your needs!

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