Dobreva Women’s Convertible Multiway Underwire Padded Strapless Push up Bra Review

Dobreva Women’s Convertible Multiway Underwire Padded Strapless Push up Bra Review

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Finding the right size and type of bra is comforting for most women. This is a key feature that ensures there is comfort and enhancement. The design, the color, the material used and the price are the key things women look for in their search for the perfect bra.

This ensures that the kind of bra they select is suitable for them for both indoors and outdoors activities but mainly if it fits and goes well with their type of clothing like a particular type of dress.

The perfect bra should provide comfort and a sense of style to all women. Being an underwire padded push up bra; the Dobreva Women’s Convertible Multiway is a unique type of bra. It is graduated with padding and lace trim, which enhances beauty and provides the perfect shape for all figures perfectly. It ensures there is firm support with the underwire, pad, silicone and soft side boning as well as enhancing one’s cleavage.

Features of the Dobreva Women’s Convertible Multiway Underwire Padded

What choices does one need to make to ensure they get the best type of bra for themselves? One should consider a variety of things before making the choice for the bra purchase. There are a number of things to look out for from the many different products available out there before making the final decision. The versatile Women’s Convertible bra by Dobreva, includes some outstanding features, which are as follows:

  • Made from a blend of Polyester (87%) and Spandex (13%)
  • Includes comfortable push-up pads that lift and enhance your bosom
  • Detachable clear straps that make it versatile
  • Includes silicone on the wings and underwire linings
  • The contour and underwire cups provide maximum support
  • Includes breathable mesh wings and seamless cups


  • Can perfectly pair up with a tummy smoother
  • Fits perfectly
  • Provides necessary support
  • It is quite comfortable
  • Provides different ways of wearing it with the detachable clear straps
  • Enhances the cleavage with the push-up pads
  • It is quite affordable


  • Has a cup shape that is flat and sideways, which makes it less attractive to wear.


Feeling good, comfortable, and stylish requires that you make the right choices when choosing the bra type, among other available options. With a wide range to choose from, the Dobreva Women’s Convertible Multiway Underwire Push up Bra is unique and simply the best choice.

The material used is a blend of Polyester (87%) and Spandex (13%) that makes it quite soft.It is also versatile with the detachable straps. You can, therefore, choose to wear it in different ways. It is difficult for one to identify if you are wearing the straps because they are clear.

You can enhance your cleavage with the comfortable push-up pads that also lift your bust. The contour and underwire cups provide additional support to your busts.

The cups are also seamless you do not have to worry about linings appearing when you wear a tight dress. This is definitely the best choice for you. The material lining fits perfectly ensuring maximum comfort. This bra adds elegance and perfectly shapes your figure.


Lily of France Women’s Value in Style Strapless Push up Convertible Bra

This. It has no straps. It features a spectacular boning support for your sides. It also has silicone based lining covering the sides and the back. You can easily wash it by hand. It enhances your cleavage with the contour underwire cups on the bottom.

The straps are elastic and detachable providing a variety of wearing options. This bra provides maximum comfort with its ultra-soft cup liner.

This Women’s Value Strapless Bra is quite similar to the Dobreva Women’s Padded Push up Bra. They both are strapless but differ in the materials used in making the straps. Dobreva has clear straps whereas Lily of France has elastic straps.

These are made using satin. The cup linings in the Dobreva are also not quite soft and may cause itchiness in comparison to cups in lily’s bras. It is fashionable and comfortable. This bra has supreme quality that lets you enjoy your day without giving you any kind of discomfort.


The Dobreva Women’s Bra is ultimately the best choice for women. The Dobreva is a gorgeous push-up bra that features the greatest levels of comfort, and cleavage enhancement. This definitely brings out the best in you.

With the wide variety of colors to choose from, there is a guarantee that it will be more convenient matching up with your daily wear. There are different bust sizes with this push-up bra. Additionally, the underwire, comfort pad, silicone and soft side boning ensures that your bust receives firm support. This bra combines comfort and support to give you a stylish look.

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