Do Strapless Bras Work For Large Breasts

Do Strapless Bras Work For Large Breasts

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Finding that perfect strapless bra is a tough job for average-boobed woman so can you imagine how difficult that can be for women with large breasts? Women with big boobs have to deal with additional support issues apart from the usual strapless bra discomfort that every woman has to deal with. No wonder there are really high standards for strapless bra approval in the community of women with large breasts.

Why the need for strapless bra for large breasts?  Well, there are many tops and dresses that are designed to be worn without a bra or at least with a bra that does not have straps. Of course no one would sue you for wearing a normal bra that shows straps in these dresses but it’s not considered stylish.

Go or No: Do Strapless Bras Work For Large Breasts

A strapless top is stylish and the naked flesh gives you a sensuous look without drawing extra attention to the large breasts. While there are some dresses that are meant to be worn without a bra, this is a complete no-no for the oversized women. Having large breasts jiggle and sway as you walk or run not only draws unwanted attention but it can also be very painful.

The truth is – finding a good bra, let alone the strapless styled for the large breasted women is like search for the Holy Grail. It is really difficult to find that perfect pair that can support the weight and gravity of big size breasts. Not many manufacturers offer strapless bras for busty women.

Just because a woman has extra pounds of flesh, doesn’t mean she does not have the right to look fashionable. But, the question is – do strapless bras work for large breasts? Can they be comfortable too?

According to the experts, the biggest reason is of course the load bearing issues. We know that the main load bearing part of a bra is the band however women with large breasts know that the straps are also under a lot of pressure. So, if that support is removed, the entire load comes to the band and this greatly impacts the effectiveness of the bra making it less comfortable to wear.

Manufacturers have little option than to make the bra band tighter and wider to provide better support. They use the most durable fabric, strengthened seams and toughened underwires to provide the extra support for large sized breasts. Even then most of the manufacturers do not get further than an E or F cup size.

What to look for in the best strapless bra for large breasts?

When you are looking for the best strapless bra to support large breasts, you need to take these three main factors into consideration.

  • Support- This is the most important prerequisite so look for a product that provides enhanced support
  • Comfort – This can be as good as you can get. Look for bras made from soft yet durable fabric
  • Style – When buying a strapless bra, keep in mind the tops or dress that you will be wearing with it

We have purposely not included ‘attractiveness’ as a factor when looking for the best strapless bras because here you need to choose functionality over looks. If a bra looks nice but it fails to serve its purpose then it’s of no use to you.

Some of the good brands that offer strapless bras for large size breasts are Panache Evie, Elomi Smoothing, Fantasie Samantha, and Wacoal Red Carpet. We would like to give a special mention to Curvy Kate that produces good quality bras for large sized breasts and their size goes up to 28-38 J.


While they are limited in number and not many manufacturers offer strapless bras designed for large breasts, you can still find them online. However we suggest that you do a good performance test before wearing them to an event. Try the bra on with the dress you wish to wear with them.

Lift your arms to see if it is visible. Walk up and down the stairs and jump a little (we know this sounds silly but do it) to see whether or not the bra stays in its place. The last thing you would want is have your boobs pop out of out the top. So, make sure the bra passes the tests and trials before you wear them to a special event.

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