Comfortable Strapless Bras: 5 Main Aspects

Comfortable Strapless Bras: 5 Main Aspects

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Strapless bras look great but they are both a boon and a bane. While they are best thing you can wear underneath your clothing to flaunt some skin in a sexy off shoulder dress, you may find yourself spending the night tugging your bra. Worse if the camera lenses catch you in action! Imagine being talked about your dressing sense. Bad, isn’t it?

While strapless bras are a good option, sometimes it take a lot of hard work and searching to find the right fitting comfortable strapless that really does the trick.

Some of the common problems women have with strapless bra are – they don’t fit well, they don’t stay in place, they cause spillage and they don’t provide the kind of support you need. In this article we have mentioned a few important tips that will make the strapless bras more comfortable.

Comfortable Strapless Bras: Identifying the right size for strapless bras is important

Whenever you get a new bra, it’s always wise to take a fresh measurement. Please bear in mind that the regular size of the bra may be different from the strapless size. As a result, you should size down the band and the cup when buying a strapless bra. The main reason behind this is that the band is the only source of support for strapless bras hence it should provide a snug fit to keep the bra in place.

Let it stick for extra support

To give you a comfortable and reliable fit, the strapless bras usually come with a silicone lining which create a rubber like grip. This enables your bra to stick to the skin and this reduces the risk of the bra going out of place. To ensure that the silicon lining sticks to your breasts and gets a good grip, make sure that your skin is squeaky clean.

Avoid applying any lotion, powder, spray or moisturizer over the breasts. The silicon lined cups provide extra support and comfort to the wearer. However, some women are not comfortable with silicon so make sure it suits your skin before ordering one online.

Go to the trial room before you buy a bra

When buying a bra it’s not about looks but functionality. A strapless bra may look great but it’s useless if it does not fit you well. So, even if you dislike going to the trial room in the stores, you will have to try the strapless bras to ensure that they fit you well.

The reason why we emphasize this so much is that the size and fit may vary a lot from brand to brand. So, take a few trials if required to find the most comfortable strapless bra.

Look for durability and additional support

Women with large breasts demand more support from a strapless bra because the entire responsibility rests on the band. So, you need to look for a bra that is made from high quality and durable fabric. The good news is that many manufacturers realize the need for strapless bras with an extra band support, hence you can find several models that are specially designed for bustier women.

Get the longline style

When the wide band does not provide the additional support you need, you may consider looking for the longline style. These are special styles that provide a lot of support from below the chest area. The longline bra comes with a bodice which supports the large sized breasts. They come with specially designed bands that extend all the way through the waist for maximum support.


If you are trying strapless bras for the first time then it might take you a few tests and trials before you find that perfect brand and right size. Please remember that it all boils down to your individual preference. So what suits your sister or friend may not be the right fit one for you. Take suggestions but always remember to explore with different brands and sizes.

When you finally get the right bra, take care of your investment. Make sure you hand wash them after every use because sweat can cause the fabric to break. Allow the cups to dry facing upwards and smoothen out the dents if any so that the original shape of the bra is retained.

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