Carole Martin Women’s Strapless Comfort Bra Review

Carole Martin Women’s Strapless Comfort Bra Review

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It feels hopeless at times trying to find a bra that can be supportive without the use of straps. Most women often complain of discomfort, slippage and inadequate support from bras with straps. The Carole Martin Women’s Strapless Comfort Bra is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. It has a simple low back bra design.

The Microfiber fabric material used in making this bra is soft and silky to touch. You can easily pull it over your head and spin it into position. It has a little lace finish to show off. Additionally, this bra does not have straps that will make your life or looks difficult. It’s perfectly suitable for semi-casual occasions and summer vacations. Toss it into your travel bag, go ahead, and show it a little!

Features of the Carole Martin Women’s Strapless Comfort Bra

What makes the Carole Martin Women’s Strapless Comfort Bra the best? It is important to consider the range of features that come with this bra before you buy it. This comfort bra comes with several distinctive features. Knowing which features you are looking for in a strapless bra may help you decide. The following are some of the unique features to expect from this strapless bra:

  • There are no strings attached to this bra
  • Does not have straps
  • It is unpadded
  • Made from a blend of Nylon (82%) and Microfiber (18%) material
  • The lace finish is a blend of Nylon (91%) and Spandex (9%)
  • Suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. Fits B, C, and D cup sizes because of the multi-directional s stretch fabric
  • Comes in a range of colors: Black, Beige, and White


  • Suitable for women of all shapes and sizes
  • Fits perfectly without the support of straps
  • There is no slippage. It stays up and barely rolls.
  • Lightweight and breathable making it suitable for the summer weather
  • Machine-washable
  • Material used makes it soft and silky


  • May work well for B cup or less. Any size bigger than a B cup will offer not support and may slip down. Therefore, not recommended for size D or higher.
  • According to some users, this bra does not offer much support. However, it stays in place.
  • Thin material that makes it unsuitable for the cold weather. It will leave nothing to the imagination if you wear it under a thin tank top, t-shirt, or dress.


There is a variety of strapless bras available in the market. However, the Carole Martin Women’s Strapless Comfort Bra is definitely the best choice for a woman looking for a strapless bra. It provides enough support for use with your summer dress and tank tops.It is also quite comfortable to wear. This is because it is light and provides enough room for breathing in the humid summer weather.

This bra is particularly the best because of some of its features. The materials used are a blend of nylon and microfiber that makes it quite silky and smooth. The bra’s design is to fit any breast size because of its multi-directional s stretch fabric.

However, it is particularly not suitable for women with size D breasts or greater. It works great for women who do not like padded bras. You will definitely have a feminine look with the bandeau design of this strapless bra.


MEINAIER Self Adhesive Bra for Backless Dress, Reusable Push Up Invisible Women Bra

You may find that the Carole Martin Women’s Strapless Comfort Bra does not meet your needs. This may be because it does not provide enough support or does not fit your breast size. The Meinaier self-adhesive bra is suitable for use with a party, wedding, or backless dress.

You do not have to worry about it falling down because of lack of support. It sticks to your skin and pushes your breast up, providing the much-needed support. In addition, you can wash it and reuse it. However, unlike the Carole Martin Bra, this is not suitable for summer dresses because sweat affects stickiness. This is a simpler choice for a strapless bra that does not reveal much and offers enough support.


The Carole Martin Women’s Strapless Comfort Bra creates a natural feel to it without having any bra parts attached to it. It comes with a high-quality stickiness that makes it invisible. It makes you will feel comfortable in your own skin since you do not have to push it into place like other bras.

This bra also remains sticky after washing it, therefore very reusable. You can wear it to a dinner party or other casual events with your favorite backless dress. You can never go wrong with this bra. It is the right choice if you are looking for something light and comfortable.

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