BoHong Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Reusable Invisible Push-up Wing-Shaped Bras Review

BoHong Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Reusable Invisible Push-up Wing-Shaped Bras Review

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Do you have a date with someone in the near future? Don’t feel confident enough in your looks? This is exactly why the strapless push-up bras are made for. Not only that they work great as a lingerie piece, they can also be worn on various occasions without being spotted.

Them being hidden and strapless is one of their strongest points, but how do you select the best model? To save you the time, we will review the BoHong strapless push-up bra, one of the best models on the market. It delivers everything that you need, but you will find out more about it in the sections below.

Review of the BoHong Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Reusable Invisible

A strapless push-up bra doesn’t need to have a high number of features; it only needs to be efficient at a few things. It does a great job at not just increasing cup sizes but staying hidden from others as well.


  • Made out of lightweight and soft material comfortable enough for long time usage
  • Various air holes are placed in order to allow the skin to breathe properly
  • Stays hidden and invisible to others as a bra under clothing
  • Can be used with any sort of low-cut outfit or evening dresses


  • You can reuse the bra multiple times and even wash it
  • Customers reported that it did a great job at increasing cup sizes
  • It will stay on stable for long durations of time under normal temperatures
  • The material is very soft and most women were comfortable with it


  • The bra will loosen itself at hot temperatures and humid weather
  • Adhesive isn’t as strong on the wing part of the bra
  • You can reuse the bra, but if you wash it the adhesive won’t be efficient anymore


The BoHong does its job great not only as a push-up brabut also as a strapless bra. Using the Bra and changing it is quite easy as the adhesive is strong enough during the first few uses. Increasing the cup size also requires no effort, only a strap in front of the bra needs to be used. We can say that the BoHong bra was efficient in the following aspects:

  • Any dress can be worn and people still won’t notice that you’re using a push-up bra
  • Don’t worry about the bra falling off as the adhesive does a great job for the first few tries
  • Cup sizes can be increased in up to two sizes which make it quite efficient

Because of these things, we recommend the BoHong strapless push-up bra. Not only that it remains stable while used, it is also efficient when it comes to increasing cup sizes and being comfortable. Most women have problems when it comes to wearing a strapless push-up bra for long durations of time. But we promise that you won’t have to face those issues with this model.


If you feel like you aren’t getting the best out of a strapless push-up bra, then it is time to check out alternatives. The BoHong isn’t the only model out on the market, in fact, there is a great variety of models available for you to buy. If you want a thinner version that comes in a compact form, then we recommend you this model from Besteamer.

The functionality and design are almost the same compared to the previous model. But a notable difference comes when you take into account how thin and lightweight this one is.

You won’t have any trouble when it comes to wearing a push-up bra in hot and humid weather with this model. It even does a great job at increasing cup size. You can increase the sizes by using a simple strap in front of the design. Adjusting the sizes is fairly easy and even small chest can seem larger.

The only negative part of this model is that the adhesive wasn’t that great. Some people recommended that tighter clothes should be used, but that still couldn’t prevent the bra from being unstable.


If you’re new when it comes to strapless push-up bras, then we have the right thing in store for you. The BoHong strapless push-up bra is great at almost all of its marketed aspects. It stays stable and does an efficient job when it comes to increasing cup sizes. Another important part is that it will remain hidden and discreet even for multiple hours of use.

The only problem that customers had was that the adhesive would lose its efficiency when the woman wearing it was in hot and humid climate. But as long as the room is air-conditioned, you won’t have a single problem. A proper push-up bra should be lightweight, comfortable and discreet. These are exactly the main selling points of the BoHong.

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