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Bras are an unavoidable inconvenience that all of us women must endure. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t choose from the best of the best. When it comes to wearing open-back and strapless dresses, bras with visible straps are not the ideal. However, there are lots of clear back strap bras out there. Let’s get right to it and look at some of the best clear back strap bras that you should consider getting for your next big night out on the town.

iMucci Professional Cotton Beige Clear Back Bra

If you are into wearing backless dresses you might want to look at this bra. You might also be interested in the iMucci Professional Cotton Beige Clear Back Bra if you are a figure skater, dancer, gymnast, or anything else of that sort. Without a doubt, one of our favorite parts about this bra is that it comes with a clear back strap.

You can choose a tan back strap if you like, but we personally prefer the clear version. It is a great option for all kinds of backless dresses, whether you are doing a gymnastics routine or are just out for a night with your friends. Being able to wear a backless dress and a bra, without the bra showing from the back, is important for many of us.

We also like how the iMucci Professional Cotton Beige Clear Back Bra features clear shoulder straps. This makes this bra a good choice for backless and strapless dresses alike. If you’re worried about people seeing the shoulder straps, you can always remove them. Yes, that is right, this bra comes with removable straps for the ultimate in versatility. If you choose to leave them on, they are fully adjustable to suit your specific size with ease.

Another aspect of this iMucci Professional Cotton Beige Clear Back Bra that we really like is how it is designed for sports and active women. It features a soft and flexible design, so you won’t be uncomfortable while on the move. Moreover, the fabric is specially designed to allow for maximum ventilation. Dancing and other active activities will already make you hot enough, so having a bra like this that allows your body to get some air is preferable if you ask us.

At the same time, the iMucci Professional Cotton Beige Clear Back Bra is designed with anti-bacterial properties in mind. It won’t start smelling fast and it won’t allow bacteria to build up either. Also, this is a moisture-wicking bra, so it won’t get soaked with sweat as soon as you start to move around a little bit. It’s a good option for any active women, plus for anybody who loves their backless and strapless dresses.
We also like how this bra is made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The cotton is light, airy, and doesn’t smell fast, and the spandex helps to add some support into the equation. It’s a good choice for keeping everything firmly in place while you go through your dance or gymnastics routine.


  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Flexible and stretchy
  • Good for ventilation
  • Moisture wicking and anti-bacterial
  • Clear shoulder and back straps
  • Shoulder straps are removable
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable
  • Great for active women
  • Ideal for backless and strapless dresses


  • Loops for the back strap are not of a very high quality
  • Not ideal for women with large bust sizes

Shitagi Everyday T-Shirt Bra

If you need a good bra for everyday wearing, the Shitagi Everyday T-Shirt Bra makes for a good choice. One of the reasons why we like this item so much is because it can be used for everyday wear, work, fun, and everything in between. It makes for a good bra to have under a t-shirt, but so much more. Versatility is a big selling factor when it comes to this bra.

The reason we say it is so versatile is because while its best use is casual, it’s also great for wearing with various outfits. The fact that the straps are invisible make it a good bra for backless dresses. Both the shoulder straps and the back strap are totally invisible, which makes it perfect if you want to wear a sexy backless and open shoulder dress; people will barely be able to notice it all. The straps are adjustable to fit your size, which is always nice.

Something that many like about the Shitagi Everyday T-Shirt Bra is that it is a push up bra to a certain extent. It features a sturdy underwire which helps to support your breasts and push them up a little bit. If you want a bra that makes your cleavage look bigger and better, this is a good way to go no doubt. The fact that this bra is padded also helps to exemplify the bust. Not only do these things help your cleavage look bigger, but they also help to offer you the support you need for a long day.

You might also like how the Shitagi Everyday T-Shirt Bra is extremely comfortable. This thing is designed to be about as soft, lightweight, and breathable as can possibly be. You will barely notice that you are wearing it at all. The softness ensures that you are comfortable and free of any chafing. Also, being so breathable is always a big deal because none of us like to be sweaty in the least. The Shitagi Everyday T-Shirt Bra might not be the fanciest bra out there, but it gets the job done without question.


  •  Can be worn for multiple types of occasions
  •  Goes well with different attire
  •  Clear back and shoulder straps
  •  Shoulder straps are adjustable
  • Lightweight, comfy, and well ventilated
  •  Decent amount of support
  • Makes your cleavage look bigger


  • Plastic straps can be a little sticky when sweaty
  • Clasps that hold the straps are not of a very high quality


Personally, we prefer the Shitagi Everyday T-Shirt Bra for its versatility and design for everyday use, but the iMucci Professional Cotton Beige Clear Back Bra is almost as good. To be totally fair, both clear back strap bras get the job done. Which one you choose is a matter of personal preference more than anything else.

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