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The Best Clear Back Bra

If you are a dancer, singer, skater, or are a part of any other profession or athlete who engages in a lot of movement, you are probably a fan of open-back dresses or outfits. They look really nice, they are elegant, and they let you move freely. If you like open-back dresses, you will probably wear a specific type of bra – a clear back bra. The reason for this is because a normal colored back bra can ruin the sleek and stylish look that you are looking to achieve with your open-back outfit.

So, that is why we are here today, to help dancers, skaters, and other active professionals or athletes find the best clear-back bra on the market today. Let’s get right to it!

iMucci Professional Beige Clear Back Bra

When it comes to being a dancer, singer, ice skater, etc., you definitely want a clear-back bra; if you are wearing an open-back dress or outfit, having a clear-back bra is a must have to complete the look. There is just something about solid-back bras that can ruin the look you are aiming to create with an open-back dress. They are just so much more elegant, which is what this iMucci Professional Beige Clear Back Bra brings to the table.

The iMucci Professional Beige Clear Back Bra is made with typical dancewear fabric, which includes spandex and polyester. The polyester is very smooth, soft, lightweight, and fairly breathable, which is important, so you don’t get too sweaty while dancing or doing your routine. At the same time, the addition of spandex helps to keep your bust nice and compact, so nothing gets in the way of your stellar performance.

The shoulder straps included are nude and clear, so you can’t see them, plus you can remove them if you so choose. As for the clear back strap, there are two different lengths included so you can choose whichever fits you best.

Moreover, the fact that this bra has no sponges, is seamless, and ultra-soft means that you will barely be able to notice it on your body while dancing, skating, or performing. The iMucci Professional Beige Clear Back Bra also has anti-bacterial properties and is moisture wicking, thus keeping you clean, sweat and odor free the whole time.


  • Good ventilation and comfort
  • Sweat, odor, and bacteria control
  • Removable clear shoulder straps
  • Clear back strap – 2 lengths
  • Very soft and barely noticeable
  • Helps keep your bust compact for professional sports
  • Great for open back dresses of all sorts


  • Not the most durable
  • Loops to attach the clear straps can’t handle much stretching

Capezio Women’s Seamless Clear Back Bra with Transition Straps

The Capezio Women’s Seamless Clear Back Bra with Transition Straps is a great option to go with if you are a singer, dancer, skater, gymnast, or any type of performer. Right off the bat, one of the best aspects of this bra is that it is machine washable. Yes, you do need to be careful when using the washing machine, but at least you don’t have to hand wash this clear-back bra.

Another good aspect of this bra is that the shoulder straps are completely adjustable. Moreover, there are both clear and nude shoulder straps included to fit whatever outfit you have on. In fact, the back strap is detachable, which does help quite a bit, especially when it comes to putting it on and taking it off.

The Capezio Clear Back Bra features a double layer of support, which is great for any really active or competitive sport or activity. We all know that our busts need support when we are moving around a lot; support helps keep us stable, it keeps things out of the way, and not having our breasts bouncing around the whole time makes for more comfort. This is a good mix between a sports bra and an open-back dress bra that works well for many different kinds of events and clothing options.

The other part about this bra that we like is that it is made with a moisture-wicking performance fabric. This means that you will never get too noticeably sweaty when wearing it. It doesn’t get soaked and nicely wicks the moisture away, plus it is breathable, lightweight, and flexible.


  • Really smooth
  • Lightweight, breathable, and flexible
  • Moisture wicking
  • Detachable clear back strap
  • Nude and clear shoulder straps
  • Easy to manage
  • Machine washable


  • Sizing chart is not totally accurate
  • Fabric loop for the strap is not of the best quality

Natalie Dancewear Adult Seamless Camisole Bra

When it comes to a comfortable active-wear bra for dancing, skating, and other physical activities the Natalie Dancewear Adult Seamless Camisole Bra is another great choice to keep in mind. We like how this bra comes with two separate sets of detachable shoulder and back straps. For both, you can choose from the clear and the light suntan colors; this is great for any open- or closed-back dress and goes well with many different outfits.

Another aspect is that the unique rear design means that you can wear the straps in a halter style, x-style, or normally. Moreover, the straps come with no-slip hooks to make sure that they always stay perfectly in place. At the same time, the straps are built to be very soft and comfortable, so you will barely feel them just like others will barely see them.

The Natalie Dancewear Adult Seamless Camisole Bra has been made with an anti-bacterial treatment to keep odors and bacteria at bay, plus the fabric itself is moisture wicking. Of course, this bra has been designed to offer you maximum support for even the most rigorous of routines.


  • Non-slip straps
  • Clear and suntan shoulder and back straps
  • Allows for multiple back strap configurations
  • Moisture wicking and anti-bacterial
  • Quite smooth and comfortable
  • Maximum support


  • Cup has a bit of loose fabric
  • Runs smaller than it looks

When it comes to the best clear back bra, all of the above options are top contenders. We would definitely recommend the iMucci Professional Beige Clear Back Bra, but any of the others are a good choice. It’s up to you to figure out which one will best suit your needs.

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